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All right, what’s up Josh silk.



All right rhinos I am really excited today and honored to be able to interview and share a very valuable resource to digital marketing agencies. Without further ado, let me introduce my man, lane lane. This is the rhino nation. Please introduce yourself,



Rhino nation. What’s up? Good to be with you, Josh. Yeah, Lane. A. Houk. I am the managing partner of quantum agency, which is a white label agency. We serve other agencies like we kind of call out the agency for agencies. And then I’m also the co founder managing partner of quantum Newswire. Quantum newswire is our own software platform that we developed to assist agencies and stos with the SEO process as they they do SEO for, you know, let’s say, brands and companies all over the world actually, we have agencies on almost every English speaking continent that I can think of that are using quantum Newswire today. So that’s a little bit about me at a high level.



Yeah, ultimately, that’s I talk to a lot of people and I can’t stop bragging to people about what you’ve opened up my eyes to and, and you know, what your vision has been, you know, helping agencies, you know, scale and prosper is really exciting because agencies like mine and many people that listen to this podcast, they need someone that has a quicker map. Okay, but because that’s that’s truly what this game is all about, is finding those shortcut codes to level up quickly. I mean, not for nothing Lane. I thank you, because you’ve really helped me level up and then we’ve only been together for like two months. So, um, explain your background, Where have you come from, you know, what, what’s, what’s your history? And and how did all of this come about all this agency for agencies? Yeah, that’s a great,



well, I appreciate it, first of all, and I’m glad it’s helped. And I know why. And that really is the backstory, right? to how we got to today and how something that you and I could talk about and then, you know, pretty quickly deploy into your agency, both strategically and and you know, a technology stack. The two combined, you know, how we can literally almost overnight transform an agency and the excitement that comes with it, right, because that’s, you know, I mean, you got to be excited about what you do, and you got to love what you’re doing. And if you’re not passionate and excited about it, you know, it can become drudgery. So, that’s kind of what my agency had become like, for me, was drudgery. If you if I go back to 2013 2014 I was on my own. I started out my own agency back in 2010. If I go back just a little bit further, I was an army medic. When I got out I worked in the in the health care medical field for another five years.



Thank you for your service. We love honoring people that have served for our country on on my podcast. I’ve interviewed many people. Thank you for that.



Well, thank you. I appreciate it really kicked me in the ass for anything. I think the army did more for me than I did for it. But anyway, thank you. I appreciate that. It did teach me some great lessons, which still stick with me today. As I bring many of the lessons I’ve lot I’ve learned from really, you know, going back to my army days to anything, every experience since then has really taught me what I learned in my agency, but I launched my agency fast forward in 2010. And, you know, I really I did it for a couple of reasons, and I think you’ll probably relate number one. I wanted to be able to I wanted to Be able to work from anywhere in the world with my phone and a laptop that was in 2010. It was really my dream smartphones really weren’t what they were are today but you know, just going back 10 years ago watch really changed. But that was one. That was one dream I had. The other dream I hadn’t in starting a new business was I wanted to a business that built monthly recurring revenue. MRR as we call it. I believe that’s the secret to you know, to really having a business that can actually give you the quality of life that I think every entrepreneur really seeks is you know, to have a business that’s really growing in momentum. It has sustainability built into it. So to be able to do, you know, work from anywhere. And so I I wanted to build an agency around a team that had no walls. I didn’t want to have employees in an office, anywhere in the United States or anywhere. I really didn’t really care where they were in the world. I didn’t want to have a big office I’d had I had done that in my previous 10 years in banking. So I launched in 2010. With this I was a kind of a web development slash SEO company right out of the gate. How did I learn it? I taught myself everything over two years.



Well, how do you teach yourself?



I mean, it was just consuming information online. I had had two really good mentors that I just you know, one guy that was in a dead zone like digital agency and did SEO and then another guy that I just was a mentor for me that I learned a lot about business and in high level strategy stuff. So the two of them together, plus, then there’s two years of me doing a lot of it on my own. Then I launched 10. So 2008 to 2010. I was doing banking, but I was cuz I was planning my exit and planning my next gig, which was going to be a digital agency. So I launched in my group I grew over 100% the first two years year over year 100%. I was profitable in by the month three, I was profitable. I really didn’t have any debt. With I just launched it out of my home and off we went, I hired my first graphic designer and my first project manager in the first six months or so. So I could quickly start to get out of some of the minutiae, right. I hired them offshore, and I, I took a lot of hard knocks in that respect.



That’s all another compensation.



Yeah, I mean, that was just that was a learning curve. But, you know, so I launched SEO and I was just watching I had a video on my YouTube channel that I was watching. that dates back to 2011. And it was all about free advice kind of video. I was, I had recorded and it was all for business owners. You know, it was like, get your business on Google Places. 2011 it was give us Google Places and that’s what launched was was maps was places and reviews quickly spawned, you know, into Google Places and I could see that that was like, you know, online was already hot and heavy. an SEO and And even Google ads. But all of a sudden, this Google Places thing popped up and then reviews right along with that was like, Oh, this is going somewhere big. No, no, I really gravitated towards local SEO and just really, you know, from there, you know, places and maps, just, you know, now it’s Google, my business really took off. And so so, you know, fast forward to 2014. So four years into it, we had grown, I was doing about a half a million a year in revenue, and making a great living, and I kind of hit my ceiling. And so I partnered with, who’s now my business partner, Matt in 2015. But in 2014, even before he and I partnered up, I began this journey of trying to trying to integrate the technology in our agency so that we could scale, right. There’s a huge difference between growing a business and scaling a business, right? scaling a business means you have to outpace you know The demand that you have for the new business you’re bringing in and, you know, with, with all the software that it took to run SEO and check reputation and social media and do link building, and then Google Places, and then, you know, all these different web 2.0 profiles, and you got mobile and you got desktop. And I mean, it was just like it just began to this technology stack that we needed to manage, and run a digital agency just mushroomed over 20 software accounts that we were using, literally on a daily basis. And it was, it was that



that’s an absolute headache. Yeah. I mean, a lot of us can attest to that, you know, in the in the SEO world, it’s like, there’s, there’s so many use this one, and then this one says this, and this one says that and then and then finding a way to collect all that data and to report it, you know, to these business owners in today’s market, it’s quite a pain in the butt.



Well, I’ll give you the numbers. So in 2011 this comes from the marketing technology landscape infographic. And if you find if you follow mark, Chief Mark tech comm they have this on their site, but in 2011, there was about 150 online cloud based software marketing tools. Okay. In 2011, fast forward to 2019 there’s now over 7000






Yeah, it’s it’s the truth. There’s a, everybody’s got something for something these days.



So your average digital agency out there has to try and navigate through a sea of 7000 it’s just every day it’s growing different choices of what do i do and what’s essential and what works and you know, so I was going through all that looking at night. So you know, my, my, so my technology stack, you know, just, I get this from a slide that I have in my slide deck, but so my technology stack in 2014 just to manage SEO, and What I call web presence for our clients as an agency was both from the sales and prospecting standpoint all the way through to fulfillment was 99 of the 20 some tools that we use just for SEO. So so just to get SEO clients, it took a couple of tools three to be specific local analyzer, lead Kahuna and pipe drive that I use for the front end prospecting and sales process to drive you know, prospects into leads and leads into customers. Once I had a customer, I then had another stack of six different software tools, Hootsuite, a link building software, a GMB posting software, reputation management software, bright local and reporting software, Raven tools, those six I was nine all together I was paying 1100 dollars a month in software subscriptions just for those nine and none of them talk to each other. None of them were white label and I couldn’t give my clients access to any of it. Right,

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right, right, right, right, all those all those head banging situations.



And then imagine me trying to in that, you know, I decided that in our agency, we were going to insource. And I was going to build the team and manage a team myself versus outsourcing to a white label agency like we have today quantum agency. So when I insourced it, I had to then contemplate teaching our SEO team, how to use all this software, how to use it every day for every single client and then document all their work and all these different pieces of software so that I could actually do some meaningful reporting to clients. Mm hmm. So it was chaos. It was fine until about 20 to 25 clients and then I



got scalable.



Yeah, after that it was just headache upon headache because just the, you know, every 10 clients you add adds, you know, thousands of moving parts in nine different software system. So, in 2014, long story short or short story long, I began my journey of integrating our agency of becoming an integrated agency as much as as possible, meaning getting rid of as many disparate software systems in our technology stack, and getting them to be integrated to talk and especially to be white labeled so that I didn’t have to explain why we were using Hootsuite to a client or why we were using bright local for to a client. I don’t have to answer those questions. I just wanted to do what we needed to do get the things get everything ranking, and report on it and do it all in a unified technology stack or as much as I could. So see, this isn’t even contemplate things like landing page builders, or you know, a CRM or you know, email broadcast email and text marketing. I mean, there’s, there’s so many other pieces of software but just to do, just to be a kind of a web and SEO agency and have the software needed for just that. That is 10 to 15 different tools. Yep. So that was my that was the beginning of my journey in 2015. I partnered, we looked at a white label platform called vendor hosta, as early as two on 2015. That wasn’t that impressive in 2015. I looked at it for another two or three years. And then in, you know, in 2000 2017, we made a leap to to get rid of nine of our different tools and into the vinyasa stack. But, you know, I, for anyone who’s listening here, you know, I mean, I’m sure you can attest Josh, we, we have a special partnership with indocin A where as a quick quantum agency, we’re able to offer, through our partnership, a very special deal to to the agency partners who might be able to benefit from the white label platform that Ben Dasa offers. So that kind of you know, that was our Genesis or my journey of integrating. So in 2017 We made that big leap with Ben Dasa. But there was still other pieces of the puzzle. Actually, if I go back to 2015, when my partner came on, we got teamwork project management, installed and working into our, our agency. Before I met Matt, my partner we were I was using Basecamp for project management. And just instituting project management into our agency back in 2013 was a fundamental shift and another I really leveled up when we start doing project management because we, I had to at some point, when you get to 10 clients or so, you if you don’t have some way of managing that and you know, quantifying what’s being done, you forget certain things, team members forget to do things. And then you have egg on your face. And so you learn quickly gotta have some sort of project management system in place. So we instituted teamwork, which is a project management support desk, and team chat, like slack alternative all in one, and then 2017, we integrated then Dasa, which replaced nine more tools into one. And then in, in 2019, or early in 2019, we integrated with high level, which is another white label, lead nurturing and marketing system, which took 109 systems into one. So, in in those four years where to go from basically about 2423, something like systems into three integrated systems that today almost all talk to each other vendors that don’t talk to each other yet, but we’re almost done building building that bridge ourselves.



Yeah, yeah, it’ll happen. It’ll happen. Alright, so let me let me kind of elaborate on my experience on everything that you just said. Because this is why I’m so fired up. And this is why I brag about you know what you’re offering agencies and a lot of people are asking me, you know, what, what is this thing you’re buzzing about. So ultimately, my agency scaled up very fast. I was really good at landing awesome clients. But I was totally finding that my ability to produce results reports and just keep the project management proper, really caused some massive bumps in my road. And when you and I met Lane and you gave me this presentation, that will will include a link below where you can get a presentation with lane and really dive deep into what we’re doing. But uh, when you just so opened my eyes and it hasn’t even been two months since you helped me with the accelerated agency program to start building up you know, this this a better business of mine and I’m so grateful, you know, teamwork. It does charge per user per month. At this point in time, but when you’re managing a virtual agency, which most of my listeners, that’s what we do, okay, when you’re managing, you know that level, I mean, this is your office space, recognize that that’s your office, that’s your manager, you know, and then Vin dos de, you know, anybody that goes to the VIN doster website, you’re going to quickly see that to get to that one of my highest levels. It’s $1,000 a month. Our program isn’t $1,000 a month and we’re higher than the highest level shown on that. And then quantum newswire is a whole nother level of link building that I am so fired up about the things that you’re doing lean because, you know, you you can tell when winners are winners, and I’m so excited to be part of this. I got the quantum Newswire for life. I’m way deep in the teamwork and and the vinyasa has been a absolute Game Changer with us. Overall abilities. So so my listeners that that come to you what exactly you know is is your offer, what are you doing? What is accelerated agency? And what can they expect? What if they book a meeting with you?



Well, I mean, I think Yeah, I know I don’t think I know the most valuable



component is the almost 10 years of trial and error and expense and of seeing what works and what doesn’t work. And you can condense all that into, you know, a couple of sessions from a strategy standpoint and then understand that how what a critical role that an agency’s technology stack plays in your overall success, both from an attraction sales and marketing and attraction model also through into your fulfillment. So you get the experience, you know, number one that I just you know, I I really do don’t charge for I don’t charge a consulting fee. Because we’re, you know, when you’re successful with the technology stack or the things that we do for you, then we win as well, you know, as, as you’re, you know, kind of a back or what I call it invisible partner. So, you know, we get on a session like we did with you and I did Josh, in a strategy session, you know, typically in zoom. You know, we we typically to outside just to understand what the agencies, you know, what’s their model? Do they have a model or, you know, what is their niche they’re serving, you know, what do they do, what do they typically offer, and how can we potentially help I classify what we do in the two main areas, we’re both a white label agency, so we can, you can outsource website development, SEO and digital advertising to us along with high level build outs, okay, so you can outsource fulfillment to us of those major categories, basically, and I’ll repeat it again. white label we do white label websites, white label SEO white label digital advertising and white label high level buildups high level is up another system that handles a big part of the technology stack that, you know, you know, Josh and I, you’ve we’ve gone over and you, you, you you got high level too, right?



Oh yeah, I’m fully stacked

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Yeah, so we just haven’t done a build out with you yet. But anyway, so we do those as well. So whitelist, so white label fulfillment, and then we have white label software. The white label software is a combination of our own software quantum Newswire, along with a strategic partnership that we have with vendors pasta, and with high level where high level channel partners and awards were certified agency if you go inside their, you know, their their database or a certified high level agency. We have a very unique relationship with indocin fact no one else has a relationship that we have within Dasa to offer their enterprise level accounts at the price that we’re able to To offer that so



now hold on let’s touch on that real quick because you know, I don’t want to get into you know what our costs are and whatnot but the difference between the scale and the enterprise is ginormous the scale has limits when you’ve gone to vendor rosters website, the scale, the highest level that they offer, it has limits, um, correct me if I’m wrong



on 50 monthly, or if you prepay for the whole year is 12. k for the whole year.



Right. And and you know, we were not that much and we have no limits correct?



Yeah. So we have a, you know, all of our agency accounts can an enterprise level account within Dasa, which has no limits on emails or limits on user seats, no limits on accounts, and then we’re going to save you over $6,000 per year with your ven Dasa subscription through quantum agency.



Exactly, exactly. So it’s half. It’s, you know, no limits to it. And when it comes to scaling that’s the big thing here is that keeping organized you know, everything that you know, lane and this accelerated agency program and every everything about quantum and the white label is a matter of of having all of your ducks in a row in just a couple angles, not you know splattering all over the place which you know, throws us all off



what we find with agencies, you know, most agencies is you know, usually if it’s a one man show, that guy is usually or our gal, our, you know, our agent, our industry is about 80 85% male and about 10 to 15% female, but that guy or gal running that agency is typically either going to be really really good at sales and marketing and just networking and you know, growing a business, or they’re going to be one of those, you know, technicians behind the scenes you they’re a web developer They’re really good at SEO or social media, they just kind of like being you know more of the Dewar and getting the work done. It’s very hard to do both of those. You can only do both of those for maybe two or three clients, for clients, if you’re really good, maybe five, and then your max, like you’re done. You’re scaling and you know, that’s the word scale on a one man show isn’t even possible. Right? So the there’s a lot of agency owners that are just really good at sales, like they’re just naturally you know, they have a network they know people have influence what have you. But so that’s where, you know, an outsource partner, like quantum agency can really help them make and just go get the part they’ll get the relationship, get the sale, bring in the campaign, the website, the SEO, bring it over to a partner like us, we’ll do it all for them, they can go out and get their next client and be a quality outsource partner, you know, and I have a special, special I guess, passion for When I say quality because as I grew my agency I experimented with outsourcing. And then Josh and I never even talked about this but I spent the I grew and did the work myself the first year. And then like I said, that first year I hired a graphic designer to project manager. But I was still doing the website builds myself and I was doing the SEO I had the graphic designer helped me with some graphic design and what have you and my project manager was just kind of account managing and keeping the kind of being a little bit of glue and, and a glorified assistant. But in the second year, as I began to build my network, and my sales momentum really started to take off, I outpaced my ability to actually even you know, fulfill on what I could sell. So I quickly found some outsource partners in the Philippines and this went through I grew because I got out of out I got out of the minutia, and so I was able to just really accelerate sales. That was great. But I also my turn my attrition, just what started to go through the roof. And I started to have quality issues, because I was outsourcing to a partner in the Philippines. And as good as my relationship was with the guy that own that company. He just didn’t have quality baked into a mass scale at his company. And so balls got started getting dropped, things that we’re doing weren’t done well. Things were done incorrectly, you know, just sloppiness, and you know, in a general term, and that really hurt, hurt my reputation. It hurt our momentum, our churn, like I said, in our attrition went up. And so I then decided after those two years of outsourcing to bring it back in for quality purposes. And then I spent the next four years trying to really integrate our technology stacks that as we insource this and I have my own employees or team members really having to do all this. I had to find efficiencies and systems and I was forced to do that because I wasn’t going to go back and outsource again. So fast forward now to 2019. We launched our quantum Newswire, our software that we built for other agencies, which solved a lot of our own problems in SEO. And we had built, you know, our own fulfillment team up so well at our legacy agency. It was a natural pivot in 2019 to just launch quantum agency and start offering outsourcing services to other agencies because I know the pain points I know what they go through, you bring in the sales but then you want to make sure you know the balls not getting dropped, you know, shits getting done. And so, you know, we I have a special passion for that. And we’ve built everything we do in our internal team is built around quality and it’s been that way for the better part of six years with our systems.



I love it. Absolutely.



So if you’re good at sales like you are, you know, sometimes you’ll outpace you know the status even for guys who in source and sometimes your sales will outpace your ability in sourcing You can use a good quality partner like us to, you know, to outsource those few campaigns that you just can’t handle right now. And I think every agency has to have a partner like that even if they’re going to do all the work themselves and insource the entire operations and fulfillment component, you still want to have an outsource partner because if you’re really good at sales, which you that’s gotta be always be the number one priority. You know, sales and revenue, drive the drive the bottom line and drive the business. And if you if you can’t get that, right, you’re, you’re in deep trouble. Absolutely. If there’s any agencies that listen to this, they’re having a hard time in their in their sales or their marketing or sales or prospecting, I can definitely help them with that for sure. I know what that’s gone through. And you and I being part of the seven figure agency group, also, there’s no there’s a whole, you know, a whole wealth of resources there and how to solve the sales component. But, you know, once you solve the sales component, you really got to either whether whether you insource or you outsource, oftentimes it’ll end up being accommodated. Both of your sales right?



Right, right, you know, and that’s the big thing is that with even even with outsourcing, you still have to have a high level of organization. Because you know, you’re not outsourcing everything and that’s why, you know, the software package of what quantum is offering between the news wire, even Dasa and and the teamwork structure, you know it and then obviously go high level. It’s just really very powerful. So, so many digital marketing agencies these days, they’re lied to, they’re not giving the whole story there. They’re still working on old terms. You know, they’re still building things manually and not actually having, you know, proof in the pudding. I mean, when I saw when you show me the back end of what Valdosta does and how everything’s set up, I mean, it’s it’s gives you that peace of mind and confidence. Yep. Yeah, the confidence that allows us to go out and sell like a mad dog. Right? And then when we get the overflow, then we know we have, you know, the white label behind us that we can, you know, we can get things done because the honest truth is that we have all gone through those. So, so VA is you know, and as much as you train on and, you know, give them the, the structure, you know, it doesn’t always work out that way. And it is very frustrating when we’re forced to backpedal and do, you know, lesser dollar per hour activities, because, you know, we’re, we’re picking up somebody’s shit. Yep. Mm hmm.



Well, you know, and you said something you said, were a key word of manual, you know, and this applies to all businesses, you know, I mean, the the ability there’s a key word that I learned certain business strategy that goes by it goes back to my mentor and you know, the word leverage. And we he used the word leverage and, you know, in many different, you know, ways and explain things but, you know, I use leverage we use leverage in finance in financial, we want to love, you know, leverage other people’s money well, you can leverage automation significantly, you know, in today’s world and when agencies can, can can get this right in the in their own agency for their own their own set themselves. Then you can also help other businesses with this. And when you can leverage automation, you can literally, I mean, we have automation that does the work of one to three full time people.



Yeah, it’s amazing the savings

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that you get on the automation the piece like you said, the peace of mind the confidence that you get when you know you have systems in place that are going to execute for you even more When you’re sleeping, or even when you’re sick or when you’re on vacation, yeah, that’s, you know, that’s a, that’s a beautiful place to be. And then when you have that confidence, your sales really, really benefit because it shows me when we’re confident whether it’s in a sport or when it’s in a profession and a practice, when we’re confident that comes through and you get better and better results, the more confident you are,



and ultimately the systems that you know, you you, you help us install as we get forward with the with the software programs, those in themselves position us as as looking much more professional, I mean, not for nothing. digital marketers, they’re, they’re, you know, they’re it’s like the plague these days. Everybody’s a freaking Digital Marketer these days and if you don’t position yourself different and have better value to bring to these business owners and keep with these business owners, you know, they they keep sniffing and they think they might think the grass is greener. Somewhere else um



every day I mean get up every day you we get them you know I get them as an agency owner I get hit up multiple times a day by more people want to do you know SEO for us you know i mean it’s



yeah there’s like listings on this stuff that even then



that’s actually something we tell our customers right like the Abyss be aware, a byproduct of the success that we’re going to have for you is that you’re going to get more and more and more phone calls from more and more people offering and do marketing and sell your marketing software and do SEO until your website’s not right because they’re finding you online and so a byproduct of being found online is you’re going to get more solicitations. So just be aware that that’s going to happen agents just a little bit I mean you need to be to bake that into your sales, you know scripts because you want to prep your prep your your customer to be and then your new customer around that this is going to happen and when you know when you get it. If you You can either delete it or you can forward it to me if it makes you feel better. And that’ll that’ll stop their mind from being so polluted and potentially distracted from all these other companies that that do bombard them every day. But you’re right, Josh, agencies need to have a uvp a unique value proposition that allows you to be different than everyone else that’s out there. There’s a lot of noise. And so when somebody does stand out, you know, for us, you know, you go have a good meal, and you just get your extraordinary service or you you know, you watch a movie, you’re like, Damn, that was really good. Like I was really pleasantly surprised because there was something uniquely valuable about that experience. And so as an agency, if you can level up your game, in your sales and prospecting component and your strategy, how you how you present it to that prospect, you’re going to close more sales and I like you I had a lot more confidence once we deployed then dosha into our agency.



Yeah, it’s been an absolute game changer. danger and, you know, that’s really what I wanted this, this initial podcast to be around. I know you’re a busy guy, I’m a busy guy and I, you know what, what you’ve condensed in the years of digital marketing, you know, the decade you’ve been doing this you’ve condensed into what you’re offering with quantum and accelerated agency is absolutely amazing. So many people go off and they spend thousands of dollars for bullshit information, crappy guidance, you know, hook, you know, bait and hook type crap, the value that you’re bringing to the market, I really, really appreciate because we need it and we need it. In order to stay on top. You must, you know, have that pristine value and be loved by your clients or else they’re going to replace your ass while you’re doing for agencies like mine. I’m greatly appreciative I hope anybody that’s listening that’s interested in this follows the link below, where you’ll go to what the quantum site and you can book an appointment with Lane right off there, isn’t that correct?



Yeah, you can just go to schedule that lane help calm schedule, Li ne, co will drop that link there too. That’ll that’ll be the best way for you know, I’ll just get that out to your group. Josh, you know, I don’t, I don’t publish that on Google ads or anything like that. But for your group, anyone that that wants to just, you know, hook up for a quick session, talk about how this might work with them. They can use that link and that URL that’ll book a session directly in my calendar. And, you know, I look forward to helping anyone. That’s what we do. Now. We help agencies grow and scale and hopefully give them a better quality of life and more money in their pocket.



And that’s what it boils down to man. You know, being able to level up is the most important thing to constantly We do if you’re not growing, you’re dying. Okay, we all know that a neutral ground. Most most people are not on the level. Okay, that you’re quickly allowing people to jump in on. So price. Yeah, well, you know, the price, the prices are irrelevant when it really boils down to scalability. You know how effective it is. And you know, even even if you go off to vinyasa and pay their, you know, regular price, you’re still not going to get the decade worth of, you know, ln material that’s going to accelerate what we’re doing. So, that’s the big thing here, anybody that really wants a fast acceleration, I’ve seen a huge difference in my business in the last two months. And I am just rewarding to see you know, the fruits of this, you know, structure because you got to have structure you know, do so. So many owners, they don’t have enough structure and, and you can get up to 40 $50,000 a month. But if you can’t sustain that you’re you’re toast. And I learned that lesson last year. And I am so blessed that I got people like you and my quarterly.



So thank you. You bet, man. Well, I appreciate That’s awesome. That’s a great testimonial. I, but I mean, I’m really super genuinely grateful that that’s had an impact on your life and your business. That’s awesome. So I’m looking forward to a great 2019 it’s been a rough couple months for everybody, you know, I mean, but at the same time, I mean, you really couldn’t have picked a better time to really, you know, retool or to linear agency. You know, it’s been, it’s been great. You know, I’ve spent more time working on my business, you know, in my business the last two months with COVID then than ever before. So, you know, I was just talking with another agency owner earlier today, and he was, you know, kind of saying the same thing. And I was, like, hey, it’s, you know, like, things are starting to open back up, but you know, I mean, we still Got a little bit of time while still a little bit slow once things really go full throttle this economy, you want to be poised to you know, gobble up market share because there will be people that will Won’t you know, they’ll go back out looking for a job again, they’re not gonna they’re gonna close up shop and so I think agencies that are in the business and level up I really poised for a great 2020



right, me too. Yep, the good ones are the good guns. Oh, hey, thank you so much for your time. I definitely want to do more of these. But for now, I think they got enough.


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